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Scot Free Tours was started in 2016 by born and bred Aberdonian Lia Sanders. Since then we have expanded across the North-east of Scotland and have started making audio tours. The idea is to give you the freedom to explore at a time that suits you - while still getting our 'take' on a place, with all the funny, gruesome or unexpected details that involves. We'd love to hear what you think of the tour so get in touch via Facebook or our website.

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by Scot Free Tours in Aberdeen
26 Sep 2019
Scot free aberdeen

Witches, Child-snatching and Mary Queen of Scots: 500 years of Crime and Punishment

Distance 2mi
Duration 45min
0 ratings

From bodysnatching and beheadings to witchcraft and whippings, we share real life stories of crime and punishment from the last 500 years.

Along the way you’ll see major Aberdeen landmarks, from Marischal College to the Mercat Cross, and learn... More»

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by Scot Free Tours in Dundee
29 Nov 2018
Dundee 2 cropped

Made in Dundee

Distance 2mi
Duration 70min
2 ratings

Dundee: coolest city in Scotland or sink of humanity? On this audio tour you decide for yourself as I take you beyond Dundee's main tourist attractions.

During the tour you'll encounter a heroic pigeon, James Bond's grandfather and the world's... More»

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by Scot Free Tours in Inverness
14 Dec 2018

Gateway to the Highlands

Distance 2mi
Duration 60min
3 ratings

Kilts, bagpipes, Gaelic, clans and hot Jacobites (I'm looking at you, Jamie Fraser) - so many of our Scottish stereotypes come from the Highlands.

Inverness has always been the capital of the Highlands, the gateway between the Highland and... More»

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by Scot Free Tours in Aberdeen
23 Oct 2018

Stonehaven: Robert Burns, the BBC and Mars Bars

Distance 2mi
Duration 80min
0 ratings

Stonehaven is not just a pretty little seaside town. Thanks to its fireball festival and its proximity to one of Scotland's most iconic castles, photos of Stonehaven have been beamed all over the world. Our tour tells you the stories behind these... More»

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by Scot Free Tours in St Andrews
17 Aug 2018
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Rebels, Romance & Raisins

Distance 2mi
Duration 65min
11 ratings

Mary Queen of Scots, Hilary Clinton and Alice in Wonderland - just a few of the people who have visited St Andrews to extraordinary consequences.

Follow in their footsteps as I take you round some of the town's best known sites and tell you... More»