About Us

The world is made of stories. Hear them.

VoiceMap drapes stories over statues and paints them onto walls. It pins them to art, plants them in national parks, and anchors them like buoys in busy rivers. Then, when you come along, there they are, neatly tied together by audio walks, cycles, drives, train trips and boat rides.

Our tours reveal charm in Paris, decadence in LA, and a community with Asian roots at the centre of Cape Town. They indulge in nostalgia for Beijing’s vanishing hutongs and feed an appetite for Rome's trattoria and Madrid’s tapas. There are VoiceMap tours by journalists, filmmakers, street artists, tour guides, novelists, podcasters and passionate locals. There’s even a tour of London’s Theatreland by Sir Ian McKellen, one of its most celebrated performers. To go out and do it – or any of them – all you need is our free audio tour app for iPhones and Android devices.

VoiceMap’s editors play a part in every VoiceMap audio tour. After all, even when you get one for free, you’re spending your time, and we try to make sure they are all authentic, informative and easy to use. It helps when there are a few surprises along the way too – down an alleyway you could have easily missed, maybe. If everything fits together to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts, we get especially excited.

We built VoiceMap to open up a medium with unique immediacy. When you tell the right story at the right time, you can change how we look at familiar places as easily as our perceptions of somewhere new. If you’d like to publish an audio tour of your own, start right now. Our tools are easy to use and our team of editors delights in bringing new stories out into the world, whether they’re draped, painted, pinned or planted.

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