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Publishing Tutorial

You can change the name, city and price before you publish your tour. Can’t find your city or region? Select “Not Listed”.

Publishing Tutorial

Publish a new VoiceMap audio tour

Our team has played a role in thousands of audio tours used by millions of people. We’ve learnt what works along the way, and we've made it our job to help you surprise and delight listeners as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


Take the guess work out of producing an audio tour

  • Browser-based publishing tool with instant updates via our API
  • Automatically estimates talk times and word counts to save you testing and recording time
  • Integrates support from VoiceMap’s editors and sound engineers with comments, tracked changes and email notifications
  • Works for walking, driving, cycling, train and boat tours with GPS playback as well as self-guided tours that are easy to use indoors
  • Voice, music, photo, 360 video and 3D files can be attached to locations
  • Text directions can be included as a fallback to make sure listeners never get lost

What our publishers say

Six straightforward steps and support at every turn

Many of the publishers we work with are new to audio tours. Some don’t know where to start. We’ve made it simple to get from concept to compelling tour as easily as possible. But we know our process isn’t a perfect fit for every tour and we’re flexible too, especially if you’ve published audio tours before.

1 Map your route

The best routes have a few surprises, off the beaten track, and a climax at a particularly captivating location. When you’re done, you’ll have talk times and word counts that match travel times.

2 Write your script

When you turn your map into an immersive story, try to develop a narrative along the way. Make it personal too, if you can, with anecdotes and opinions that change the listener’s perspective.

3 Work through the edits

Your editor is especially helpful when you’re fitting the map and the script together with clear directions. Listeners should know where to go without looking at the screen.

4 Test your tour

Audio tours can’t be perfected at your desk. We’ll provide you with “scratch” audio you can use for a trial run or two, to refine your script before you record it.

5 Record the audio

Listeners respond to authentic voices not just polished professionals. You don’t need a fancy mic or soundproofed studio either, and we’ll edit the audio to remove mistakes and mouth noises.

6 Publish your finished tour

Complete the final touches, with a title, cover photo and description that sells your tour, then click on publish. Your tour goes on sale immediately, and the job of promoting it begins.