by Antonella Cama in Genoa
21 Feb 2020
Genoa cover

Nobility and finance

Distance 1mi
Duration 40min
1 rating

The apparent low profile of the today's city hides a past of sly and smart businessmen who had made luxury a habit, as UNESCO has discovered.
If you like the unexpected, follow this Arianna's thread in the labyrinth of the Genoese alleys, around... More»

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by Rana A. Safadi in Amman
21 Feb 2020
Al rainbow banner

Explore Amman's Famous Rainbow Street

Distance 1mi
Duration 45min
0 ratings

Many people visit Rainbow Street, but few experience the many hidden gems along the way. This tour will take you on a charming journey through Rainbow Street to see the beauty of Amman’s culture, food, architecture, and history, as well as three... More»


History with a side of Tapas: A local's Madrid

Distance 1mi
Duration 45min
1 rating

If you like food and history, join me and I’ll show you some of my favorite Madrid Tapas Bars where I will recommend what Tapas to order and how, alongside a fun dynamic history of Madrid.

If you would like to learn about the history of Madrid... More»

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by Weimin Chen in San Francisco
29 Apr 2016
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Mission Accomplished: A Tour of San Francisco's Mission District

Distance 1mi
Duration 30min
4 ratings

The Mission District is among the most fascinating neighborhoods in San Francisco. It's currently undergoing demographic shifts and societal changes, but also boasts amazing food, art, nightlife, diversity, and the magical atmosphere of Dolores... More»

Locicon 2000 Mission...

Heroes of the Earthquake

Distance 0mi
Duration 10min
1 rating

In 1906 San Francisco experienced an earthquake like nothing in living memory. Four days of fires left much of the city in ruins, but thanks to Lt. Frederick Freeman the waterfront was saved.

Explore the Ferry Building and hear the stories of... More»

Locicon 351 San Fran...
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by Joseph Amster in San Francisco
23 Feb 2015
Time machine

San Francisco Time Machine: Union Square to Lotta's Fountain

Distance 0.5mi
Duration 30min
6 ratings

This tour takes you from San Francisco's historic Union Square to the Hotel St. Francis, down Maiden Lane, and finishes at Lotta's Fountain. Explore the city with this masterful storyteller.

Locicon 301 Post Street

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