Live like a local melbourne supper club 400 x 400 cover shot
by Alan Peck in Melbourne
21 Sep 2019
Live like a local

Live Like a Local

Distance 3mi
Duration 75min
0 ratings

This light, fun tour is aimed at showing you the things locals do in Melbourne. Locals don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy themselves, and neither do you.

So there are plenty of things you can do for free or at a budget price, when you're... More»

Profielfoto 2016 arjan vera   aj
by AJ 4U Golf & Guide in Heraklion
20 Sep 2019
Heraklion tour

Candia is like a candy bar: O sweet lovely Heraklion

Distance 3mi
Duration 75min
0 ratings

Heraklion, formerly known as Candia, is a historical layer cake waiting to be uncovered. Join me as we wander through the ages, meeting the characters and seeing some of the best known and lesser known sites.

Walk along the shore line towards... More»

Sam 2531  erla portrait sept 1 2015  voicemap
by Erla Zwingle in Venice
19 Sep 2019
Heart of venice

The Heart of Venice

Distance 1mi
Duration 60min
10 ratings

Venice is one of the most famous and most intriguing cities in the world, which for 1,500 years was one of Europe's richest and most powerful nations. Envied, imitated, but never equaled, the city is like a living museum that still lures the... More»

Locicon 328 Piazza S...
Keene nh 26 crop

A Walk through Keene's History

Distance 2mi
Duration 60min
4 ratings

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, Keene, New Hampshire has stories to share with you. On this tour, you’ll hear local third grade students from Franklin Elementary School tell you about historic locations here in Keene. The town was settled... More»

Locicon 217 Washingt...
by Peter Amara in Boston
25 May 2016
Black and white party music club cropped

Inside Allston's Music Venues

Distance 0.5mi
Duration 10min
1 rating

Discover Allston's most cherished music venues, including Great Scott, O'Brien's, and the newbie in town, Brighton Music Hall. Hungry? Stop by Five Guys or Sunset Grill & Tap, or grab a drink at Tavern in The Square before you head out!

Locicon 1216B Common...
War memorial

South Boston Medal of Honor Walk

Distance 3mi
Duration 110min
11 ratings

A group of student veterans from the University of Massachusetts Boston take you on a walk of South Boston's war memorials, honoring the courage and sacrifice of New England's military veterans. Walk from the Seaport District, across the... More»

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