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by Falko One in Cape Town
06 Mar 2015
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The Fringe Street Art Mural Tour
Distance 1.3km
Duration 22min
Major landmarks: Charly's Bakery, Truth Coffee, District Six Museum, Ons Plek, Keizersgracht Street
Climb inside the head of South Africa’s foremost street artist, Falko, as he takes you on a walk through Cape Town’s Fringe area, where the decay and destruction of the past are increasingly being replaced by community projects and cool coffee shops. He’ll show you parts of District Six, where he lived before the forced removals of apartheid, give you his take on murals by local and foreign street artists, and tell you the story of how graffiti first came to South Africa, and the part he played.
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The Thousand Year Theft
Distance 1.4km
Duration 23min
Major landmarks: Edinburgh Castle, St Andrews Square, River Forth
Life isn’t easy for you on board the New Hopes Space Station in the year 3015. You’ve got yourself into a bit of debt, and the only place to turn for some extra cash was crime boss and loan shark Abe Martelli. Now you owe more than you can pay back, but that’s okay. Martelli is a fair man; he’ll allow you to work the debt off instead. The job he’s given you seems fairly straightforward. You’ll be sent back in time to Edinburgh in the year 2015 to pick up a stolen painting, before taking it back with you to the future, where he’ll sell it on for a massive profit. Time travel is illegal and dangerous, but you’ll have experienced mission co-ordinator Mr Jennings guiding you every step of the way. What could possibly go wrong?
by Coleen van Staden in Cape Town
24 Feb 2015
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Muizenberg Like a Local
Distance 1.8km
Duration 30min
Major landmarks: Bathing boxes, Cafe Majestic, The Cob House, The Beachfront, Surfer's Corner, Bluebird Garage, Gary's Surf School, Masque Theatre
This walk takes you off the beaten path, to all the spots that Muizenbergers love. Your host is Coleen, a member of Cape Town Tourism's content team. She lives here and knows its curious little shops, studios and eateries intimately, but she'll also guide you to all the iconic sights this humble village has to offer. So, step into the shoes of a seasoned local, and enjoy a relaxed seaside stroll!
by Aubrey Springveldt in Cape Town
23 Feb 2015
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Slavery in the Cape
Distance 4.1km
Duration 69min
Major landmarks: Slave Lodge, Groote Kerk, Company's Garden, Slave Memorial, Trafalgar Place, Koopman's-de Wet House, Slave Church
Almost thirty years ago, genealogist Aubrey Springveldt started investigating his own family tree. His research led him on a pilgrimage into the earliest days of the Cape, and an ancestry shaped by slavery. Join him on that pilgrimage by visiting some of the landmarks connected to slavery in Cape Town. Landmarks like the Place of Justice, where slaves were brutally punished, and the Prestwich Memorial, where they were buried in unmarked graves. Along the way, Aubrey peels back the layers of his own past, and talks about his work at the National Library, where he works to reclaim the past for others.

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