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Ursula profile
by Ursula Stevens in Cape Town
09 Dec 2016
Bo kaap banner 8

Cape Town on Foot: From the Slave Lodge to Bo-Kaap

Distance 1mi
Duration 50min
1 rating

So, you're off to see the Bo-Kaap? No doubt your mind conjures up pictures of quaint and brightly-coloured houses - but your walk today will reveal a Bo-Kaap that has little to do with its prettiness. To focus on that aspect alone would be an... More»

2010 08 15 13.02.44 resized

Templars, Bunkers and Prussian Glory: A Walking Tour of West Kreuzberg

Distance 2mi
Duration 60min
0 ratings

Get to know the other side of Kreuzberg, away from the partying crowds and Easy-jet Armada: a place where great world inventions were made, world-famous companies born, and where sand was turned into gold and then turned into dust again.

You... More»

Locicon 2 Platz der ...
by Ste Russell in London
08 Dec 2016
London sights walking tour voicemap steven resized

Classic Sights and Hidden Histories

Distance 2mi
Duration 80min
0 ratings

You may be familiar to the most famous sights of London, but are you familiar with the history, stories and characters behind them? This tour takes in all of London's most iconic spots, ideal for plenty of photo ops, but allows you to learn the... More»

Locicon 77 Piccadilly
Georgetown tour

The Kennedy Homes of Georgetown

Distance 1mi
Duration 35min
0 ratings

Stroll the path of Camelot's early days, when a beautiful young journalist met a rising politician and wartime hero who later became the U.S. president. See the many homes where John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy resided, Martin's Tavern where... More»

Locicon 1327-1399 36...
Jackson statue lafayette

The White House's Lafayette Park

Distance 0.5mi
Duration 20min
2 ratings

This is a walk through a small park, but it is also a journey that covers love, betrayal, murder, a duel to the death, attempted assassination, ghosts, the heroes of two wars and - oh yeah - the White House.

Locicon 827 16th Str...

Lincoln's Assassination

Distance 1mi
Duration 30min
2 ratings

Why did America's most popular actor kill the president? And how did he do it? Was John Wilkes Booth a madman exacting revenge for his beloved South or maybe more? Guide Rick Snider, who is a distant relative of Booth and co-conspirator Mary... More»

Locicon 1600-1608 H ...