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Faith & Courage: Metairie Cemetery Stories

Distance 1.6km
Duration 27min

Enter the former Metairie Race Course, an earthly venue for the “quick,” now elegantly transformed into a glorious “City of the Dead” - where no one is in a hurry. Architecture and archeology seem to converge in this hallowed landscape of imposing society tombs and soaring mausolea. Experience an angelic... More»

Loc Pontchartrai...
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Cycling the Seaboard

Distance 7.2km
Duration 36min

Start your ride in the hustle and bustle of the V&A Waterfront and escape onto the tranquil and scenic Sea Point Promenade. Let the sea breeze fill your lungs, as you cycle along the Atlantic Seaboard.

The route is safe and mainly flat, and is suitable for riders of every fitness level. Along the way... More»

Small black and white
by John Bartmann in Cape Town
22 Jun 2015
Moreton bay fig web

The Arderne Gardens

Distance 0.7km
Duration 11min

This route takes you through an enchanting and historical arboretum, which has been attracting seekers of solitude since 1845. Enjoy the serenity and magic of this peaceful oasis with a slow, quiet stroll through the glades and ponds.

Loc 0B Main Road
Georgetown tour

The Kennedy homes of Georgetown

Distance 2.2km
Duration 37min

Stroll the path of Camelot's early days, when a beautiful young journalist met a rising politician and wartime hero who later became the U.S. president. See the many homes where John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy resided, Martin's Tavern where they got engaged, their church Holy Trinity, and Jackie's home... More»

Loc 1327-1399 36...
Jackson statue lafayette

The White House's Lafayette Park

Distance 0.9km
Duration 14min

This is a walk through a small park, but it is also a journey that covers love, betrayal, murder, a duel to the death, attempted assassination, ghosts, the heroes of two wars and - oh yeah - the White House.

Loc 827 16th Str...

Lincoln's Assassination

Distance 2.2km
Duration 37min

Why did America's most popular actor kill the president? And how did he do it? Was John Wilkes Booth a madman exacting revenge for his beloved South or maybe more? Guide Rick Snider, who is a distant relative of Booth and co-conspirator Mary Surratt, takes you through that fateful night's... More»

Loc 1600-1608 H ...