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by Annette Welkamp in Hattem
10 Oct 2019
Hattem windmill1

Windmills, bakeries and possibly ghosts

Distance 1mi
Duration 45min
1 rating

Hattem’s central location makes it easy to visit from wherever you are staying in the Netherlands. Even though small, it was once part of the mighty Hanseatic League of trading towns and cities across northern Europe. Come with me on a wander down... More»

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by Annie Sargent in Paris
27 Sep 2019
Montmartre 1

Montmartre: More than Meets the Eye

Distance 2mi
Duration 60min
4 ratings

On this tour I will take you along the most picturesque parts of Montmartre. We will talk about the lives of artists such Picasso and Modigliani who started their careers in Montmartre. Did you know that there are some crazy stories that took... More»

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by Scot Free Tours in Aberdeen
26 Sep 2019
Scot free aberdeen

Witches, Child-snatching and Mary Queen of Scots: 500 years of Crime and Punishment

Distance 2mi
Duration 45min
0 ratings

From bodysnatching and beheadings to witchcraft and whippings, we share real life stories of crime and punishment from the last 500 years.

Along the way you’ll see major Aberdeen landmarks, from Marischal College to the Mercat Cross, and learn... More»

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by Lori Greenberg in New York City
14 May 2018
Unisphere voicemap finalphoto may9

Tour of The New York World's Fair Site

Distance 1mi
Duration 40min
1 rating

This tour will take you through the fairgrounds for the historic New York City World’s Fairs of 1939-40 and 1964-65. We’ll visit iconic sites of both fairs, hearing about the architecture, design and history of the famous Unisphere, The New York... More»

Locicon 14 Flushing ...
Nyc cover 2

Broadway Theatre Tour

Distance 1mi
Duration 40min
5 ratings

A fun and informative tour through the Broadway theatre district with lots of history and interesting stories. Find out about some of the most seminal theatres in Broadway history, and the plays that became hits around the world. Discover the... More»

Hudson river

Newburgh Sounds and Stories

Distance 1mi
Duration 40min
5 ratings

The Sound and Story Project of the Hudson Valley is a non- profit organization whose mission is to strengthen community through the power of listening. We believe by sharing the stories of ordinary people we can help each other become more aware... More»

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