Buy a gift card for our tours

Celebrate curiosity with a digital gift voucher for VoiceMap tours in over 200 destinations around the world

VoiceMap’s digital gift cards are a thoughtful surprise for friends and family who delight in discovery, whether they’re on an adventure a long way from home or exploring their own backyard. They’re something new for the audio book and podcast listeners in your life too because you can use them at home, on a virtual tour, and then listen again when you’re following the tour’s route, on a self-guided experience with automatic GPS playback and offline maps. In fact, once you own a tour, it’s yours to listen to as many times as you like.

VoiceMap gift cards can be used to redeem our audio tours anywhere in the world. That includes a total of 60 countries so far, with well over 100 tours per country in the US and UK alone. We also publish new audio tours in new destinations every few days. Each voucher is valid for three, five, eight or twelve credits, and you use one credit to redeem one tour. While the vouchers themselves need to be used within a year of the issue date, the credits don’t expire, and the recipient of your gift card can use them for the many hundreds of tours we have now as well as the thousands that are still to come.

Experiences you can keep

VoiceMap tours are experiences, but they’re also products the recipient can revisit as often as they like.

Choose your delivery date

Vouchers are delivered on any date you specify. The recipient gets a message from you and an attractive PDF with simple instructions.

Flexible but also thoughtful

Our vouchers are as simple as any digital voucher without being commonplace, and because they use credits, the price of your gift isn’t obvious.