Nicolas Vanlanduyt

Born and bred in Bruges, I was caught at a young age by old stories. In primary school I had a teacher who would tell us an old legend every Friday afternoon before the weekend started. I was so fascinated I kept on telling those stories to everyone in Bruges and it became my passion. For 16 years, until it evolved into my own tour organization. After living and brainstorming in a van in Australia for 7 months me and my friend decided to found Legends Tours in 2015. Since then I’m not just telling the stories to the locals anymore but to all the visitors who come to Bruges. Next to that I studied brewery but these days I work as a teacher for kids with special needs.

Immerse yourself in medieval Bruges's alleyways on a quirky, entertaining walk
ByNicolas Vanlanduyt, 24 Aug 2021

Walking Tour

90 mins