Castelo Branco audio tour: Discovering the Historical Town of Monsanto (EN)

Discovering the Historical Town of Monsanto (EN)

Walking Tour

50 mins

About the Tour

This guided audio tour will take you through a memorable walk across the numerous monuments and historical sites that are spread all over the worldwide famous Historical Town of Monsanto.

While visiting this unique picturesque village, prepare yourself not only to discover the unknown stories behind the places you’ll be visiting, but also to embark in a journey that will take you across time back to the far Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The roughness and the simplicity of Monsanto’s granitic houses, its imposing, yet unpretentious monuments, and the majestic surrounding natural scenery, will remind you continuously of the nearly twenty centuries of History that shaped this highly scenic village into the magnificent gem we know today.

With this Monsanto Town guided tour, let yourself go to the magic that each year brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to explore Monsanto, making this singular village one of the most visited sites in Portugal. You will be guided in this journey by the voice of a true son of Monsanto, which will lead you around these narrow gloomy streets he knows so well, with all the passion that fuels his eager to share the History and the stories of this exceptional place.

Since the Town of Monsanto and the Castle of Monsanto are separated by a 500 meters steep walk, please note that this Tour exclusively covers the visit of the Town of Monsanto.

A complementary Guided Tour of the Castle of Monsanto is also available on VoiceMap.

Tour Producer


Eo - Immersive Audio Tours

"Eo" means "Go", in Latin. It is also the acronym for "Experience Otherwise".

Eo - Immersive Audio Tours™ is therefore a production center focused on helping its listeners to make the best of their travel experiences by enhancing their visits using the latest tech media available.

The brand produces exclusive contents specifically designed for GPS self-guided immersive audio services and applications such as VoiceMap.

Given the project’s creators and managers passion for History, foreign languages, hiking and adventure, it sounded obvious that the creation of GPS-guided immersive audio tours was not only a medium with a promising future ahead of it, but it was also the best way to satisfy the need to tell to the wide public the untold stories behind each place they visit.

Eo - Immersive Audio Tours™ is operated by a selected small number of collaborators and friends, which all bring their passion and their diverse competences to the project, giving to each of the Tours produced a recognized seal of quality and seriousness that will hopefully meet the satisfaction of our listeners.

The Tours offered by Eo - Immersive Audio Tours™ are available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Russian.

Major Landmarks

  • Main Church / Igreja Matriz de São Salvador

  • Largo do Pelourinho

  • Igreja da Misericórdia

  • Chapel of Santo António

  • Western Gate of Santo António / Porta Poente de Santo António

  • Old Medieval Quarter

  • Clock Tower / Torre de Lucano

  • Fonte do Mono and Solar dos Pinheiros

  • Middle Fountain / Chafariz do Meio

  • Chapel and Eastern Gate of Santo António

Directions to Starting Point

When you enter Monsanto, you will take a hairpin turn to the right. Make the final climb until you get to a small parking lot with three cannons keeping guard, and a fabulous viewpoint. This is the best place to try to park your car. It is also where all tourism and transport buses stop. After you’ve found a parking spot, come and meet us at this viewpoint.

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Places to stop along the way

Castelo Branco, Proença-a-Velha, Idanha-a-Nova, Idanha-a-Velha, Penha Garcia, Castle of Monsanto and ruins of the burgh of São Miguel.

Best time of day

This is clearly a Tour that must be taken during the day. We suggest avoiding the extreme heat of the summer, when it is common for temperatures to go over 40º Celsius. Try also to avoid days of extreme cold in the winter, with snow or ice, as the steep cobbled streets of Monsanto will then become very slippery.

In order to optimize your visit to Monsanto, we suggest you take this tour in the morning (which allows you to complement this guided walk with a visit of the Castle and the ruins of the upper town of São Miguel, which is not included in this Tour), or by the end of the day.

Please note that visits in Monsanto can be overly crowded during the weekends, between June and September, and during Easter (in case of extreme affluence of visitors, the access of cars to the Town may be forbidden by the authorities; in such exceptional circumstances a free regular shuttle service is organized from Relva to Monsanto).


Please note that though this walking Tour is meant for the entire family, it can at some points be physically quite demanding. Unfortunately there is no easy way to visit the Town of Monsanto without having to climb some of its steep streets, which are common in this medieval village.

We therefore suggest you always carry with you a bottle of water (though the Tour is served by numerous fountains and water points – please beware of eventual signs and panels that indicate if the water is suitable for drinking).

Please also be equipped with good walking shoes when taking this Tour. Your knees and ankles will thank you for that!

The streets of Monsanto are usually quite narrow. This can sometimes result in poor GPS signal, which can lead to some tracks not triggering automatically. In this case, please open the app and manually play the correct audio track or look at the map to find the next location.

You must also beware of the scarceness of parking places in the whole Town of Monsanto. We therefore advise you to try to find a spot either at the Baluarte viewpoint, where our Tour starts, on the sides of the Main Parish Church, or down at the entrance of Monsanto, just after the hairpin turn, where there is a small parking lot.


Loved everything about this tour: great stories, great historical insights, great tech! This is without a doubt a must-have when you visit Monsanto. Highly recommended

Posted by Bertrand , over 1 year ago

Excellent. This tour took us around the whole town, and it really made our trip to Monsanto even better and more interesting. What a fabulous place to visit!

Posted by Jean , over 1 year ago

This is an audiotour which I strongly recommend when you go to visit Monsanto. It really takes the exploration of this magnificent historical village to an extra level, bringing to you all the information and stories about the town's History and places. It's very detailed, without becoming too long or boring, and takes you all around the village, unveiling many untold stories that make this visit super interesting. Congratulations for the tour and keep up the good work

Posted by Olesya , over 1 year ago

Great tour! A perfect way to walk around all the monuments and points of interest of this magnificent historical village. Thank you for the experience!

Posted by Ofélia , over 1 year ago
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Discovering the Historical Town of Monsanto (EN)