Cape Winelands audio tour: A Walk in Old McGregor: Its Heart and History

A Walk in Old McGregor: Its Heart and History

Walking Tour

45 mins

About the Tour

Strolling through the village of McGregor, you'll discover something about its heart, as well as its history. Its stories are part of the valley, part of the mountains around it and the roads within it. We’ll walk together along the quiet main road and the quaint, untarred side streets, past old irrigation ditches and white-washed cottages built in the 1800’s.
I’ll tell you a bit about the many churches, the superb McGregor Brass Band, and the village’s unique architectural style, which is rooted in the use of local materials. We’ll pass the Bakkies and Paddavlei and the hairdresser’s in the Old Court House.
You’ll hear why 100 years ago tram-drivers in Europe might well have heard of McGregor. Our village is not a place on the way to somewhere else, to be passed through- the tall mountains around us see to that. It is a destination all to itself. Come and meet people whose families have lived here for many generations, and learn about this peaceful place, rich in tradition. Be intrigued. Be charmed.

Tour Producer


Rose Kent

I’m an insatiably curious person, and I take pleasure in discovering and writing about where I live, and where I travel. I was born in Cape Town and brought up there, but my professional life was spent in England. In 2009 I came to live in McGregor. As there is only a limited amount written down about the early days of the village, and both residents and visitors don’t easily get to know about it, I became intrigued - and embarked on this VoiceMap project. Grateful acknowledgements to: Helaine and Nina Shand, Gerrit Davids, SISTARS, Ewie Arendorff, Marilyn Poole, Jane Banks, Dawid Esau, Rob Leiper, Sabina Regue, Ashley Smith and the VoiceMap team.

Major Landmarks

  • McGregor Tourism

Directions to Starting Point

The Tourism Office is halfway up the main road, Voortrekker Street, and diagonally opposite the large church with a steeple

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Places to stop along the way

Some of McGregor’s commercial facilities tend to have somewhat idiosyncratic opening hours. BUT you’ll see some excellent coffee shops on your route, and Sistars (lower end of the main street) and How Bazaar (higher up) offer food and drink, as well as being excellent gift shops, and definitely worth a visit.

Best time of day

Be aware that from November to April McGregor has some very hot days, and there’s not a lot of shade on this walk, so choose your time of day with the weather in mind. Also – decide if you prefer the quiet of a weekday morning, or whether you’d like the buzz of people and children who bring parts of the village to life in the late afternoons, early evenings or weekends. However, Friday evenings after 5pm can sometimes be a little too lively.


McGregor’s kids and adults and dogs like to greet everyone. Try not to let the tour’s technology prevent you from being friendly in return!


We thoroughly enjoyed this walk which brings the history of the delightful village of McGregor to life.

Posted by Noelyn , over 2 years ago
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A Walk in Old McGregor: Its Heart and History