Rose Kent

I’m an insatiably curious person, and I take pleasure in discovering and writing about where I live, and where I travel. I was born in Cape Town and brought up there, but my professional life was spent in England. In 2009 I came to live in McGregor. As there is only a limited amount written down about the early days of the village, and both residents and visitors don’t easily get to know about it, I became intrigued - and embarked on this VoiceMap project. Grateful acknowledgements to: Helaine and Nina Shand, Gerrit Davids, SISTARS, Ewie Arendorff, Marilyn Poole, Jane Banks, Dawid Esau, Rob Leiper, Sabina Regue, Ashley Smith and the VoiceMap team.

Meander down the quiet and dusty memory lanes of quaint McGregor
ByRose Kent, 30 Nov 2017

Walking Tour

45 mins