Cape Town on Foot: Castle to Slave Lodge

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    05 Sep 2016
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    Cape Town on Foot: Castle to Slave Lodge

    Hello and a very warm welcome to Cape Town, a city rich in history, culture and architecture.

    You should be standing in front of Cape Town's historic Castle of Good Hope. The street running in front of the entrance is Castle Street. Across from you is a large, open public square known as the Grand Parade. You should also be able to see Table Mountain clearly from here.

    My name is Ursula Stevens and I consider myself a Capetonian, having lived here for over fifty years. I have a teaching background in languages and history. I am the author of several books about Cape Town and the Western Cape, and I have been conducting the “Cape Town on Foot” walking tour for nearly twenty years – so trust me, we'll have fun together.

    Let's get moving. Turn to face the Castle. You will see a cobbled path which leads to the main entrance. Start walking along that path, between the two cannons. I'll meet you a little further ahead.

    VoiceMap uses your location to play commentary automatically, so you can put your phone away and focus on your surroundings. Silence between tracks is normal, so if you don't hear from me, don't panic! Just keep going.

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