Sara Cruz

Hello! My name is Sara and I live in Coimbra, a beautiful and historic town in the Center Region of Portugal, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2013!
I am a Tour Guide since 2012, the year I decided to open my own tour business "GO! Walks Portugal" and started welcoming travelers from all around the World!
I have a deep passion for my hometown but I am also very knowledgeable about Portugal in general, since I am graduated in Tourism, Leisure & Heritage by the University of Coimbra - a degree focused on areas such as History, Languages, Geography and UNESCO sites. I have traveled all around the country on my own, and I have also built and guided customized routes to travelers throughout Portuguese territory between 2015 and 2020. In 2020, during COVID lock-down, I have created a YouTube Travel Channel under the name "GO! Walks Portugal" and currently I am mostly working on that, until travelers come back to Portugal in full force!
I am fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish. I have learnt German (highschool, for 3 years) and Italian (University, for 2 years) as well and I want to review those in a near future.
I love Nature and World Heritage Sites. I am a singer and absolutely love music. I am an advocate for Animal and Human Rights and try to do volunteer work on that as much as possible. Minimalist and Zero-Waster wannabe!

Lose yourself on Coimbra's cobbles, echoing with mournful Fado melodies

Walking Tour

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