Mary jane cryan

Mary Jane Cryan

American-Irish writer and historian Mary Jane Cryan has been living in Italy since 1965 working in the fields of international education, journalism and tourism. When she is not busy writing about central Italy in her palazzo between Rome and Civitavecchia, she can be found aboard luxury cruise ships sailing the Mediterranean as a guest lecturer. Check her blog for hundreds of insider tips and her award-winning website

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Mary jane cryan
by Mary Jane Cryan in Rome
14 Feb 2018
Civitavecchia port cropped

Stories and Secrets of Civitavecchia

Distance 1mi
Duration 35min
0 ratings

Take a relaxing walk through the hidden corners of Civitavecchia, far from big city confusion. Explore the narrow streets and squares of the historic center, amongst the diverse layers of architecture: Roman, Renaissance and modern. Visit the... More»

Mary jane cryan
by Mary Jane Cryan in Viterbo
07 Nov 2017
Piazza san lorenzo

Stories and Secrets of Viterbo

Distance 1mi
Duration 40min
4 ratings

Wind your way through the history and architecture of the medieval hilltop town of Viterbo. From Porta Romana we'll make our way back in time through the city's charming and historic center. Along the way we'll take in ancient fountains, majestic... More»