Split audio tour: Split Sightseeing: From Roman Ruins to French Boulevards

Split Sightseeing: From Roman Ruins to French Boulevards

Walking Tour

60 mins

About the Tour

Welcome to Split. At its ancient heart is Diocletian's Palace, which is 1,700 years old. It’s on UNESCO’s World Heritage List too, along with the rest of the city’s historical centre.

Our tour starts with a bird’s eye view of this old town, at a scale model of it on the Riva Promenade. From there, we’ll visit the cellars of Diocletian's Palace, the imperial residence, the palace’s central square, which is called the Peristyle. We’ll then whirl forward in time after that, making our way into the northern part of the palace compound with its medieval buildings, including the Jewish Ghetto. From there, we’ll take a walk through Split’s historical centre that’ll lead us onto the Riva Promenade again. The tour ends at the elegant Prokurative and Fruit squares, after a leisurely stroll along the city’s French-style boulevards and discover.

While you walk, you’ll be regaled with tales of Split’s ancient history as well as the unique jigsaw of architecture and culture you find here today. I’ll also point out some of the locations where Game of Thrones was filmed.

Join me, an experienced and licensed local tour guide, as we step back in time and uncover all that Split has to offer. By the end of the tour, I hope you’ll consider this your definitive Split experience.

Please note that this tour does not require you to enter any of the ticketed venues along the way.

Tour Producer


Ivica Profaca

My name is Ivica Profaca, I'm from Split, Croatia, and I would like to be your guide in experiencing my hometown. I have years of experience as a licensed guide in English for Split-Dalmatia County, working with some of the best agencies operating in this area. I am also member of the Association of Tourist Guides Split.
Also, I have about 30 years of career as a journalist. With such a background, I am deeply involved in all segments of the city's life.
Also, I'm passionately interested in history, heritage and social life of Split and surrounding area. I have never stopped exploring Split squares, street corners, people, events, or biking and hiking paths. I use that knowledge and experience as an official blogger with the Tourist Board Split.
As a guide, I will introduce you to all the crucial points of Split's priceless heritage, from Emperor Diocletian's era to present days, but also will show you all the hidden gems and city's social life and spirit only locals can know about. My tours also include Split vicinity filled with UNESCO-listed heritage, historical sites, natural beauty, and outdoor activities.
Welcome to Split, Dalmatia and Croatia!

Major Landmarks

  • Diocletian's Palace

  • Old town Split

  • Waterfront Promenade

  • Cathedral of St Domnius

  • Old Jewish Ghetto

Directions to Starting Point

The tour begins at the eastern-most end of the main waterfront promenade Riva, by the bronze model of the old town of Split. It's placed just next to the parking lot, and opposite from the entrance to Diocletian's Palace basement halls. If you walk, you can approach it across the promenade, or - if coming from the harbour, just walk by the sea until you see the model at the beginning of recently renovated promenade. On Google Maps, it's here: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Maketa+grada+Splita/@43.5076389,16.4390333,19z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x2dac669c075c3d74!8m2!3d43.5073322!4d16.4395658

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Places to stop along the way

This tour doesn't include any visits to ticketed venues, which you can visit by pausing or closing off the tour. I recommend a visit to both wings of the Basement Halls, Cathedral with Baptistery/Jupiter's Temple, Split City Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Gallery of Fine Arts. Very attractive as view points are Cathedral's bell tower (currently under reconstruction), and terrace on top of the Vestibule, accessible through the Ethnographic Museum. You can also go off the path to visit the green market next to the Palace's Eastern Gate, with plenty of seasonal and local fruit and vegetables. There are many spots for a refreshment or meal break. Look especially for coffee drinking spots in the area of the Old Jewish Ghetto, mostly locals-oriented. For restaurants, a konoba (local version of a tavern or trattoria) is always a good choice. Public toilets are available en route and well marked, but you can also ask for it in bars and cafes.

Best time of day

During the summer season, take a tour earlier in the morning, preferably between 8 and 9 am, to avoid the heat and crowds. Evenings are not a good option, because the old town is usually very busy. For the rest of the year avoid mid-day. Mornings and early afternoon (to avoid dark) are hte best options.


During more crowded parts of a day avoid bigger groups for a better experience and safety. On your way you will pass through some indoor sections, and narrow streets are common. In some of them it's hard to maintain distancing, so face masks are recommended during COVID-19 pandemic. If you stop to visit some of the recommended venues, wear a mask. Be careful with your belongings because of pickpockets, which are not very common, but they do operate. If you walk on a sunny day, wear a hat because there are long sections of outdoor walking. Wear comfortable shoes, old town pavements are not suitable for longer walks in high heels. Around the Palace there are stairs which can't be avoided. Walk on your own pace and abilities.


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Split Sightseeing: From Roman Ruins to French Boulevards