The Dark Side of Seoul

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    31 May 2016
    Clock 50min      Length2mi
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    Tour Introduction

    Tour Introduction
    The Dark Side of Seoul

    Welcome to the Dark Side of Seoul Tour.

    You should be standing on the corner of a busy intersection between Yulgok-ro and Samil-daero. Dunkin’ Donuts needs to be on your right, the intersection should be behind you and ahead of you on the left is a stairway down to Exit 2. In the distance you might be able to see Bugaksan Mountain.

    Please wait here while I give you the rundown.

    My name is Joe, and I've lived in Korea since 2004. I studied Korean history at university, and we worked with historians to develop this tour for a year before starting it. In case you’re worried, there is a place to stop for a bathroom break along the way. I will let you know when we get there.

    This tour is not for the squeamish nor for under-18s. It's far too grisly and gory!

    Before we start, are you an expert on Korean history? No? Good.

    Then let's get going. Walk straight along the sidewalk keeping the road on your left and the row of shops on your right.

    VoiceMap uses GPS to play the relevant audio. You can put your phone away now and relax. I will tell you where to go. There's a route map on the screen, but only use it if you get lost or stuck. I'd like to say I haven't lost anyone on this tour, but that would be a lie. So listen carefully!

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