Rome audio tour: The Roman Jewish Ghetto

The Roman Jewish Ghetto

Walking Tour

30 mins

About the Tour

In a city full of history and heritage, the Roman Jewish Ghetto still stands out. Rome is home to Europe's oldest Jewish community, 2,000 years of continuous inhabitance. From 1555 to 1870, the Jews of Rome were confined in a walled-in quarter close to the Tiber. Even after the walls came down, the Ghetto has remained the center of Jewish life in Rome. Walking its alleyways, touching its stones, and visiting its traditional businesses and restaurants, you can feel the millennium-long history of Roman Jewry, from ancient times to the Ghetto era, from the horrors of the Holocaust to the evolving modern community. The story of Roman Jews is a fascinating one, full of tragedy and perseverance and a deep sense of identity. You could read about it in a book, but on this tour, you can see, feel, and even eat it for yourself.

Tour Producer


Giancarlo Buonomo

Despite the name, I'm actually American! Born and raised in Boston, I'm now based in the old country. I write about food, history and culture, of which Rome has many more than a lifetime's worth. Here, I'm able to share with you a little bit of what I've learned.

Major Landmarks

  • Tempio Maggiore di Roma

  • Portico D'Ottavia

Directions to Starting Point

The Ghetto is situated in the historic center of the city, on the banks of the Tiber across from Tiber Island. This tour begins on the Via Arenula, easily accessible on foot from the center, or by the 8 Tram, which goes from Piazza Venezia and through Trastevere

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Places to stop along the way

The Ghetto is a great starting point from which you can cross over to explore Tiber Island (which once had its own synagogue!), and then on to Trastevere, one of the oldest and most lively neighborhoods of the city.

Best time of day

This tour is best done in the morning before lunch, or in the early evening, from Sunday through Friday morning. Friday evening and Saturday aren't best, because many of the businesses will be closed for Shabbat.


The Ghetto is one of the cleanest and safest areas of Rome, due in part to the round-the-clock police presence granted to the Jewish community. Keep in mind that on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, businesses may be closed, and the synagogue may be reserved for services.


This is a very informative and interesting tour. It’s not long, but if you listen to the great recommendations the tour guide makes, it may take you longer. I went to the bakeries, little stores, and the restaurant and truly enjoyed it. The guide also briefly shares his story, which allows the listener to connect on a personal level. I thought it was a lovely touch. The recordings are clear, and the voice is pleasant. I did have trouble finding where I was, but only because my internet connection was poor. As long as you follow the map and occasionally trigger the recordings yourself, it will be fine. Highly recommend this app and this tour!

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 2 years ago
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