Riga audio tour: Latvian Legends and History in Riga’s Old Town

Latvian Legends and History in Riga’s Old Town

Walking Tour

75 mins

About the Tour

Who are we Latvians? Where do we come from? What do we believe in? On this tour, I’ll try to answer those questions with exciting stories from our history as well as a few Latvian legends instead of dry facts and numbers. I’ll also lead you to some of the most important landmarks in Riga’s Old Town.

I’m Emīls, by the way, and Riga has been my home since 2012. My background is in finance, but I also studied culture and history and I believe that the best tour guides are storytellers. Stories open the doors of our imagination and make city streets come alive.

Along the way, I’ll tell you about:

• The location of the oldest pagan settlements
• What hides in the basement of a Reformation church
• The mysterious monks of the St. John church
• A popular fairy tale called theTown Musicians of Bremen
• St. Peter’s church and the unfortunate burning of Riga
• The Brotherhood of Blackheads and their splendid party house
• Dome Cathedral and its “witches”;
• The rise of Latvians
• Making sense of the Latvian code at the Monument of Freedom.

Tour Producer


Emīls Dzelzkalējs

I am Emīls - joyful and artistic Latvian guy and a professional tour guide. Riga has been my hometown since 2012 and I have fallen in love with it ever since. I love telling about history through stories which allow us to experience places, people and events in a much more vivid, exciting and authentic way.

Major Landmarks

  • Albert’s square

  • Reformation Church

  • House of Reitern

  • St John church

  • Bishop’s Yard

  • Convent Yard

  • Bremen Town Musicians

  • St Peter’s church

  • Townhall Square

  • House of Blackheads

  • the House of Cats

  • Dome Square

  • Parliament of Latvia

  • St Jacob’s church

  • Swedish Gate

  • Powder Tower

  • Monument of Freedom

Directions to Starting Point

The starting point of Albert's Square is a bit unusual and even some locals do not know about it. If you live or you're staying in the Old Town of Riga, you can just walk there on foot. If you are further away, take any transport to the Old Town of Riga and walk to Albert Square. You can find Albert's Square in Google Maps by typing "Alberta laukums".

Show Directions
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Places to stop along the way

The Old Town of Riga is full of lovely cafes and restaurants, therefore you can stop at any point you want.

Best time of day

If you take this tour as the skies start to darken, a few objects might be less visible. However, the Old Town of Riga is usually quite well illuminated, so the tour can take place at any time of day.


Old Town of Riga is a safe place, but you should be aware that there may be pickpocketers.


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Latvian Legends and History in Riga’s Old Town