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Riga Audio Tours

Edvards rutkis 2019crop
by Edvards Rutkis in Riga
29 Jun 2020

A walk through Old Riga from St Peter's Church to the Monument of Freedom

Distance 1mi
Duration 45min
1 rating

If you’re looking for an engaging and informative tour that covers the complex history of Riga but also explores what it is like to live here today, then this is the tour for you. I’ve made sure that we don’t miss any of old Riga’s most famous... More»

Edvards rutkis 2019crop
by Edvards Rutkis in Riga
25 Jun 2020

Riga's Architecture: The World’s Art Nouveau Capital

Distance 0.5mi
Duration 30min
1 rating

Riga is a true Art Nouveau metropolis with over 800 buildings in this unique architectural style. In fact, it has the world’s highest concentration of Art Nouveau architecture. On this tour, we’ll explore Art Nouveau’s history, visit the city’s... More»