Mont Saint-Michel audio tour: Mont Saint-Michel Abbey Audio Guide

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey Audio Guide

Walking Tour

60 mins

About the Tour

Join me for a journey back to a simpler time. A time when the monks of the Mont Saint-Michel Abbey lived their lives according to the scriptures and the ebb and flow of the seasons. The way this Benedictine abbey was constructed over centuries, on a remote rock facing the sea, reveals what spirituality could inspire back then.

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey is breathtaking to behold and fascinating to explore. But it’s complicated and confusing too. I’ll guide you up and down its intricate stairways through hidden doors, and into halls and dungeons that’ll take you back to the Middle Ages. Within the abbey’s solid walls, we’ll discover tales of knights, castles, pious pilgrims and tortured prisoners.

With this audio guide, you'll find out:

• How books were written before computers and the printing press
• How heavy stones were transported before the invention of engines
• Why monks don't have BBQs
• The truth behind the daily life of clergy in feudal society
• What links jet-setters and kings

A visit to the abbey is a great way to understand European history, and the importance of the Catholic Church in feudal society. And this is the perfect guide.

Please note the tour does not include admission to Mont Saint-Michel Abbey.

Tour Producer



I am a french licensed tour guide, and specialist of Normandy, my region.

I am a tour guide for 5 years, and the Mont St Michel is really my favorite place to spend some time relaxing in the evening, when most people left.

I have studied History and Philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris, and I lived and worked in Normandy most of my life.

I have a real passion for Medieval History.
My family goes back to the crusades, and talking about medieval history is like talking about my family.

Major Landmarks

  • Mont Saint-Michel Abbey

Directions to Starting Point

When you enter the Mont Saint-Michel, please walk in, and just after the second gate with the draw bridge and after the Mere Poulard restaurant take the steps immediately on your right.

Then, as you get on the battlements, turn left and then keep walking straight all the time until you see the steps leading to the Abbey.

You'll pass many restaurants and café with a view on the bay on your way to the top of the island.

See the map for directions.

You'll avoid the crowd this way.

- If you have already purchased your ticket online :
Enter in the Abbey, pass the first gate, after your tickets will be checked, and then start the audio.

-If you haven't bought your tickets yet, turn right as you enter the Abbey, get your ticket, and just after you showed your ticket at the control, start the audio.

Show Directions
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Places to stop along the way

Stop for a picture at the West Terrace, and if possible seat for a while in the church, and in the refectory, as these two places are the most beautiful of the Abbey.

Take a break in the cloister on the stones benches, and try to think about the tranquility of the place hundred years ago.

Best time of day

9AM, or 6PM in high season.

The Mont St Michel gets very crowded in the summer.
If you can, go for the early mass at 6.50AM and then tour the Abbey.


Make sure you can walk the 600 steps up the top of the Abbey before starting.

There is a stone railing to hold on to.

It is nearly 600 steps but with the possibility for a break every ten to fifteen steps.


Very complete and informative, if a bit repetitive at times.
The major problem is that whenever I tried to run this tour with Bluetooth phones, the application crashed, which was rather annoying (and didn't happened with other tours)

Posted by Ana , 7 months ago

Thank you for reporting this Ana! We're investigating and once we can recreate the problem, we'll fix it.

Posted by Iain , 7 months ago

The tour is fascinating and comments are comprihensible, learned a lot about this beautiful region and will for sure have the real private tour with this guide. Highly recommanded

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 1 year ago

Thank you very much for this very kind review.

Posted by NORMANDYTOUR , 12 months ago
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Mont Saint-Michel Abbey Audio Guide