• LOCATION 57 | Theatreland Tour with Ian McKellen


    And so we’re back in Leicester Square. It was all too brief, but then isn't everything?
    “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player “ as Macbeth says “that struts and frets his hour upon the stage.”
    Well, this hour is up and you, the poor player, must move on to other things, as must I, your walking shadow of a director. I do hope we can work together again soon.

    Perhaps I'll see you on the stage, or you'll see me. In these days of emails and texts and God knows of what sort of modern technology, it’s easy to forget that the most potent form of storytelling and direct communication happens in a live theatre. That’s why it’s called live. It’s a performance especially for the audience this afternoon or this evening. This is something special. It’s for you. Make sure you don’t leave London without going to a theatre.

    Well what a pleasure it’s been to to direct you today. Thank you for your time. Goodbye. Hasta la vista. Auf Wiedersehen. Farewell!

Theatreland Tour with Ian McKellen