• LOCATION 53 | Theatreland Tour with Ian McKellen

    Duke of York's Theatre

    Duke of York's Theatre on London audio tour Theatreland Tour with Ian McKellen

    Across the road, on the right is the Duke of York’s Theatre. I’ll tell you about it while you go.

    I suppose this has to be my favourite theatre in London because it’s where I made my debut as a professional actor. Forget that student production of the Arts Theatre. It’s more famous, of course, because this is the first time that Peter Pan was ever performed on stage. “All children, except one, grow up” said J.M Barrie, the author. And so began Peter’s torment of being held back in year 6 for a lifetime. I remember playing Captain Hook at the National Theatre. Oogh, that was hard work! The stage was sloped. Raked we call it and that’s difficult to maneuver when you’re wearing high heels,as I was. Or climbing the rigging of my ship with a hook for one hand. And all the while, battling a young actor who is a third of my age. Oh was that exhausting.

    Keep going the same way you’ve been walking.

Theatreland Tour with Ian McKellen