Lisbon audio tour: Castelo de São Jorge and Bairro do Castelo: A Lisbon Walking Tour

Castelo de São Jorge and Bairro do Castelo: A Lisbon Walking Tour

Walking Tour

75 mins

About the Tour

The Castle of São Jorge is one of the most iconic symbols of Lisbon, and its majestic yellow stone walls can be seen from every part of the city. On this walking tour, we’ll take you on a memorable journey through one of Lisbon’s most iconic structures and into the charming neighborhood surrounding Castelo de São Jorge.

Our tour starts outside the castle’s ticket office, and is designed to optimize your visit to this historical site. Please note that entrance tickets need to be purchased separately.

Starting with a detailed description of Lisbon and its rich history, this tour will guide you to a spot where you can enjoy unparalleled views of the city. As you walk, you’ll hear some of the lesser-known stories behind the castle, which is a symbol of the Portuguese capital. We’ll take you back in time to the Moorish occupation of Lisbon and, at the ruins of the Royal Palace of the Alcáçova, we’ll imagine what life was like here in the Middle Ages.

On this tour, you can also look forward to:

• Gazing down at the 25 de Abril Bridge, the Golden Gate’s European sister

• Looking over Portugal’s political center from Lisbon’s best viewpoint, and imagining the historic Empire that stretched from Brazil to the very Far East

• Hearing about the city’s anti-earthquake architecture

• Taking a breather among indigenous plants in the garden of the Castelo de São Jorge, where wandering peacocks add a splash of colour to the castle’s sandy walls

• Visiting the Citadel’s twelve towers including the famous Torre de Menagem, which was the castle’s last line of defense, and the Torre de Ulisses, named after the Greek hero who supposedly gave Lisbon its title

• Witnessing the Porta do Moniz gateway, where the knight Martim Moniz entered the afterlife, creating a legend which still lives in every Lisboan’s heart

• Exploring the Castle’s Museum and archaeological site, which dates as far back as the 7th century BC

• Learning how the Romantic Garden and Castle of São Jorge became pawns in Portuguese dictator António de Oliveira Salazar’s fascist propaganda

Allow around an hour and fifteen minutes to complete this walking tour. Or, if your schedule allows, take your time as you wander through ancient ruins and areas of archaeological interest to find the magic that draws nearly two million people to this site every year.

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Major Landmarks

  • Statue of Dom Afonso Henriques

  • Viewpoint over Lisbon

  • Ruins of the Royal Palace of the Alcáçova

  • Citadel and its 12 Towers

  • Archaeological Site

  • São Jorge Castle Museum

  • Romantic Garden

  • Igreja de Santa Cruz do Castelo

Directions to Starting Point

To get to the Castle of São Jorge, you can take the 737 bus, which departs from Praça da Figueira, and go all the way to its terminal stop.

You can also take the very picturesque 28 or 12 tramways, which you’ll want to exit at Miradouro de Santa Luzia, and then follow the pathway which is provided in the VoiceMap app, by tapping “Directions”.

If you chose to walk all the way uphill to the Castle, you will find two complementary public elevators at Rua dos Fanqueiros nº 170, and Largo do Chão do Loureiro, which will make your trip much easier (both elevators are free).

This Self-Guided Immersive Audio Tour of the Castle of Lisbon and its surrounding neighborhood starts at Rua do Chão da Feira, next to the wall of the Castle of São Jorge, just outside the monumental gateway with the round arch which grants access to the Castle’s road.

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Places to stop along the way

Sé Cathedral, Miradouro de Santa Luzia, Alfama, Monastery of São Vicente de Fora, Baixa Pombalina, Carmo Convent, Praça do Comércio, Monastery of the Jerónimos, Tower of Belém, Sintra, Cascais.

Best time of day

This is a Tour that must be taken during the day. Please be aware that the Castle of São Jorge is subject to opening hours, which vary throughout the year. We suggest that you consult the monument’s schedule prior to your planned visit.

Please note that visits to the Castle of São Jorge can be at times overly crowded. Therefore, taking this Tour early in the morning might be a good idea, in order to avoid long waiting times in the lines to get to the Ticket Office.


Please note that though this walking Tour is meant for the entire family, the circuit around the Citadel’s towers can at some points be physically quite demanding.

We therefore suggest you always carry with you a bottle of water, as well as good walking shoes.

The numerous high walls inside the Castle of Lisbon and the narrow streets of the borough of Castelo can sometimes result in poor GPS signal, which can lead to some tracks not triggering automatically. In this case, please open the app and manually play the correct audio track or look at the map to find the next location.


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Castelo de São Jorge and Bairro do Castelo: A Lisbon Walking Tour