Dubrovnik  audio tour: The Walls of Liberty: Tour of the city walls

The Walls of Liberty: Tour of the city walls

Walking Tour

45 mins

About the Tour

Journey through the centuries of history on a tour of this breathtaking city where you’ll hear the tales of war, conflict and the political struggles that Dubrovnik has endured, including the last siege during the Homeland War from the early 1990s. Despite all the hardships from the past, the city still stands strong and proud and offers visitors breathtaking views and scenes that will leave a big impression all on their own.

This tour, created by a local professional guide, will give you all the historical and cultural explanation behind the fortifications of Dubrovnik, together with many anecdotal stories. Let Marija Milovac take you on an inspiring walk around the walls where you will have the freedom to move at your own pace. Feel free to stop wherever you feel like it, either for a drink or to take some photos.

Some of the highlights of the tour include:

- The panoramic views of the old city and the clear blue Adriatic sea
- The Fort of St Lawrence and the legend about its beginnings
- The story of the catastrophic Big Earthquake 1667
- St John Fort and the maritime endeavours of Dubrovnik
- Minčeta Tower, the symbol of the city's independence
- The siege of Dubrovnik 1991-1992

Hopefully, at the end of the tour, you will have a broader sense of the historical importance of Dubrovnik, you will learn that there's much more behind the beauty of the architecture and the city stone walls than meets the eye.

Tour Producer


Marija Milovac

I am a licenced tour guide in the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. After years of experience, I created Haunted Dubrovnik, through which I offer theme walking tours that deal with a dark history, folklore, myths and legends of my home area. So I became a professional storyteller. In the daytime, I work as a tour guide, doing history tours, while in the evening hours, I tell my tales of horror to the interested audience. Still, I'm also a mom of two kids, so the stories I recount to them are a bit different :)

Here at VoiceMap, I wanted to start with something of higher value, a comprehensive history tour of the city walls of Dubrovnik, one of the must see when here. Hopefully, you'll enjoy my narrations!

Major Landmarks

  • The city walls of Dubrovnik

  • St Lawrence Fort

  • St John Fort

  • Revelin Fort

  • Minčeta Tower

  • Stradun

  • Lokrum island

  • the hill of Srđ and many more...

Directions to Starting Point

Our tour starts on the walls, just above Pile Gate. This means that the first thing to do, if you haven't already, is to buy an entry ticket for the city walls.

When you enter the old city through Pile Gate, and when you find yourself on the main street Stradun, you should see the entrance to the walls in the corner to the left. Before you can climb up, you need to show the ticket to the person at the entrance. Across the street, in the opposite corner, next to the orange trees, you should find the office of the Society of Dubrovnik's Antiquity where they sell the tickets. After you buy the ticket, enter and climb the walls. When you are directly above the entrance, and you can see the main street in front of you, then you can start your audio tour.

Important: this tour only works starting from Pile Gate entryway!

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Places to stop along the way

Along the walls, you'll have several opportunities to stop for a freshly squeezed juice, a coffee or an ice cream, just be advised, some prices can exceed your budget, so it's better to check the prices first.

A big recommendation is a visit to the Maritime Museum. It is located in the Fort of St John, which offers a peek into the maritime history of Dubrovnik with its vast collection of ship's artefacts, models of ships, old maps, coins, documents, paintings and portraits, underwater findings and more.

One more tip I wanted to include: your ticket for the walls is also valid for the Fort of St. Lawrence that is outside of the stone belt so you cannot access it from the walls, but you have the option to visit it at another time. Currently, you can visit both, the walls and the Fort within three consecutive days.

Best time of day

I recommend visiting the walls first thing in the morning, especially during the tourist season. In the summertime, there are more reasons to do it earlier than later - you avoid the crowd from the cruise ships, and you avoid the heat. In the summer, another option would be to enter the walls an hour before closing, before or at sunset time.

If you are here in the low season, then you can go whenever you want, but keep in mind the much shorter working hours of the walls.


There isn't much shade on the walls, and the bright stone reflects the sun rays, so it is easy to get sunburns during hot summer days. Wearing protection in the summertime is of the greatest importance: hats, sunglasses, sun protection creams and a bottle of water are a must!

Attention: the walk around the walls may not be suitable for persons with walking disabilities, as there are numerous steps along the way.

Be prepared; wear comfortable shoes.


Bravo Mare!

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The Walls of Liberty: Tour of the city walls