Marija Milovac

I am a licenced tour guide in the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. After years of experience, I created Haunted Dubrovnik, through which I offer theme walking tours that deal with a dark history, folklore, myths and legends of my home area. So I became a professional storyteller. In the daytime, I work as a tour guide, doing history tours, while in the evening hours, I tell my tales of horror to the interested audience. Still, I'm also a mom of two kids, so the stories I recount to them are a bit different :)

Here at VoiceMap, I wanted to start with something of higher value, a comprehensive history tour of the city walls of Dubrovnik, one of the must see when here. Hopefully, you'll enjoy my narrations!

Discover Dubrovnik's rich history with a tour along the city's wall.
ByMarija Milovac, 10 Feb 2020

Walking Tour

45 mins