Spokes and Scoops: Denver's Top Ice Cream Spots by Bicycle

    Cynthia ord
    06 Jul 2017
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    Intro / Little Man Ice Cream

    Intro / Little Man Ice Cream
    Spokes and Scoops: Denver's Top Ice Cream Spots by Bicycle

    Welcome to Denver! I'm Cynthia. I'm a Denver native enjoying life in my sunny hometown and working as a travel writer and content strategist.

    There are two things I always seek out on my own travel adventures to a new place; bicycle rides and the best ice cream in town. So, I figure if anyone's qualified to create an ice cream tour by bicycle here in Denver, it's me.

    The Mile High City has some good things going for it, both for bike loyalists and ice cream freaks.

    You should be standing outside Little Man, which is both a landmark in the city and a monument to gourmet ice cream. Take a photo in front of the whimsical 28-foot cream can and try one of their specialty sweet-and-salty flavors. They're most famous for the Salted Oreo, which is heavy on both the salt and the Oreo.

    A note on the neighborhood; this is the trendy Highlands area. I remember it as the rough "north side" growing up, but now it's held up as the portrait of gentrification here in Denver. These days, it's full of cool transplant millennials, high-end boutiques and bougie restaurants. It's like downtown, upgraded. Feel free to grab a Little Man cone and stroll around it before you start the tour.


    Once you've got your ice cream, you'll be ready to grab a bike.

    [1.5 SECOND PAUSE]

    If you look just across the street, you'll see a B Cycle station. B Cycle is Denver's citywide bike sharing system.

    Head to the kiosk and check out your bike for the day. You'll be able to return it to any of the 88 B Cycle stations all over the city. It's a sweet deal for visitors.

    If you already have a bike, just head past the B Cycle station and cruise downhill towards the bridge with its big steel arch.

    VoiceMap uses GPS to pinpoint your location and play the relevant audio, so you can leave your phone in your pocket and listen to my voice for directions. There'll be occasional areas of silence, but this just means we're in between locations.