Cape Winelands audio tour: Stellenbosch's Dorp Street: Discover the Wagon Way to the Cape

Stellenbosch's Dorp Street: Discover the Wagon Way to the Cape

Walking Tour

35 mins

About the Tour

Apart from being one of the busiest streets in Stellenbosch since the 1700s, Dorp street has many stories to tell. Join me on this walking tour and uncover the very best the town has to offer.

Lined with oak trees, majestic architecture and talented artisans, this street also has its fair share of skeletons. From hidden corners to local history, we won’t leave any stones unturned on this walk through the historical town. Along the way, you’ll hear the answers to frequently asked questions like:

• Where and what is the Angel Factory?
• Why are there so many oak trees?
• Where can I get the best cup of coffee in town?
• When did the University of Stellenbosch open its doors?
• Where can I find the oldest pub in the town?
• Which street has the best shopping?

Whether you’re a first time visitor or a local interested in exploring, this tour is a valuable introduction to the first official road to Cape Town.

Allow at least 30 minutes for this walk. There are quite a few local restaurants, bistros, galleries and shopping opportunities along the route for a quick (or lengthy) stop.

For a fuller, guided walking culinary experience feel free to look at

Tour Producer


Simone Jacobs

I am a cultural food guide and owner of Bites and Sites Food Tours based in Stellenbosch, Western Cape in South Africa

Major Landmarks

  • NG Mother Church

  • Theological Seminary

  • Three Oldest Trees

  • Stellenbosch Hotel

  • Lutheran Church

  • La Gratitude

  • De Akker Pub

  • Oom Samie se Winkel

Directions to Starting Point

Make sure you drive into Church Street (Kerk Street in Afrikaans) towards the Mother Church at the end of the road. Note that all street names are listed below eye level, on each corner. Before reaching the Stop street, you will notice a white, historical, flat roof building on your right with a large "i" on the outside wall. This is 47 Church Street, the offices of Visit Stellenbosch - your starting point.

Parking is available along the street or across the road in front of the church. Alternative parking options are lower down in the street as well as in the adjacent streets of Rynveld and Andringa Streets.

Show Directions
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Places to stop along the way

The Moeder Kerk (Mother Church), if it is open to the public
Daneel Diamonds
Senobia's at 4* Eendracht Hotel's restaurant for delicious local cuisine
Stellenbosch Kitchen at The Stellenbosch Hotel
Venetian Tea Room for a bit of Italian flare
Pop down Andringa street for the shopping experience
The Bluecrane and Butterfly for the best breakfast, pastries and coffee in town
The Lutheran Church - if they have an art exhibition
De Akker Pub - a beloved Stellenbosch institution
Oom Samie se Winkel, the oldest general dealer in South Africa

Best time of day

The tour can be done throughout the year, in any weather conditions. To experience the real vibrancy of the town, best times are between 08:00am and 17:00pm weekdays, 08:00am - 15:0pm on weekends. And all the restaurants are open!!


Be aware of motorists and cyclists when crossing the streets. Keep to the crossings as advised by the voice prompts. In Summer ensure you have sunblock and a bottle of water - the trees provide the rest of the shade. In Winter, an umbrella can be a handy tool as the trees stand bare.


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Stellenbosch's Dorp Street: Discover the Wagon Way to the Cape