• LOCATION 29 | Cape Town on Foot: From the Slave Lodge to Bo-Kaap

    Turn left into Signal Street

    Turn left here.

    As you walk, let me tell you a little about the cemetery.

    Tana Baru means 'New Land' and it's made up of several independent adjacent burial grounds. The Cape Muslims achieved religious freedom in 1804, coupled with the promise that they would be allowed to build a mosque and establish a burial ground. Initially the local authority granted land to Frans van Bengalen in 1805, and only in 1830 was it finally registered in the name of the Muslim community.

    The promise of a mosque was only fulfilled in 1850 with the building of the Jamia Mosque, which can be found at the bottom of Chiappini Street. Additional land grants and purchases of land make up Tana Baru. They were consolidated by four imams on behalf of their congregations.

    Keep going, you're doing well!

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Cape Town on Foot: From the Slave Lodge to Bo-Kaap