• LOCATION 23 | Cape Town on Foot: From the Slave Lodge to Bo-Kaap

    Top of Dorp Street

    Stop here, at this charming row of cottages known as 'huurhuisjes'. These were built by the sexton of the Groote Kerk, which is the large Dutch Reformed Church on Adderley Street. His name was Jan de Waal and he rented out these houses to a combination of white artisans, Muslims and free black people.

    Look up towards the slope of the mountain. Can you see several rather bland looking buildings? That area is known as Schotsche Kloof and those sub-economic flats were constructed between 1938 and 1942, when most of the area’s properties were Muslim-owned. Of the four hundred dwelling units that had been planned, only 198 were built due to the start of the Second World War. The man who conceived the idea was Dr. Abdullah Abduraghman, a respected local councillor. He insisted that tenants had to be 'Muslim Malay’. An interesting design feature of these units was the inclusion of washing cubicles for the 'toekamandi' to wash the dead.

    Now you need to turn around and walk back along Dorp Street. But you will need to take the first turn off to your left. This is Chiappini Lane. I will meet you along the lane.

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Cape Town on Foot: From the Slave Lodge to Bo-Kaap