• LOCATION 31 | Cape Town on Foot: From the Slave Lodge to Bo-Kaap

    Cross over Longmarket

    Stop at this intersection. I want to point out where you need to go after you've visited the Tana Baru.

    The street running down towards the city is Longmarket. You will need to follow it to continue with the tour. But for now you need to cross over Longmarket Street and continue straight.

    After a smallpox outbreak in 1858, the municipality began to close all city cemeteries including Tana Baru for 'health reasons'. This left the Cape Muslims without a burial ground.

    After several years of fighting this decision the issue eventually came to a head on 17 January 1886, when a child of a Muslim fisherman died. In defiance of the cemetery closure, over 3 000 Muslims joined a funeral procession from the grieving family’s home in Woodstock to the Tana Baru to bury the child.

    Carry on walking towards the end of the cul-de-sac ahead.

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Cape Town on Foot: From the Slave Lodge to Bo-Kaap