• LOCATION 9 | Amsterdam West Specialty Coffee Spots

    Monks Coffee Roasters

    Let's stop for a moment outside the small black shopfront of Monks Coffee Roasters.


    Monks has been part of Amsterdam’s local scene since 2016. It harmoniously combines coffee and delicious food, all served with the utmost hospitality. It’s always a pleasure to pass by for coffee and have a quick chat with Patrick, the owner. Rooted in Ireland, he spent many years in Melbourne, Australia and you can clearly see the influences in the interior design and the classic flavorsome brunch menu. For espresso drinks, the mainstay is their house blend, while for filter they’re constantly bringing new coffees from different local roasters.

    As always, feel free to pause the tour to head in and try out their coffees, or grab a bite.

    When you're ready, or if you prefer to keep moving now, with Monks on your right, head back towards Clercqstraat, then turn right and keep going.

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Amsterdam West Specialty Coffee Spots