Amsterdam West Specialty Coffee Spots

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    06 Dec 2018
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    Amsterdam West Specialty Coffee Spots

    Welcome to my cycling tour of some of my favorite coffee places in Amsterdam.

    You should be outside the small shop front of Trakteren coffee shop.

    My name is Dani and I'm a professional barista. When I'm not brewing my own coffee at home, I really like going out and enjoying a good cup of coffee at the many cafés that this city has to offer. I would like to share some of my favorites with you and that's why I created this tour.

    Let's begin with Trakteren.

    Cozy and maintaining a charming local vibe, Trakteren is my go to place for coffee in the Old West neighborhood, where I also live. Here is where I discovered the beauty of specialty coffee, during one of their monthly espresso tastings. It's run by the energetic duo of Edward and Erik, who are always happy to share their passion and enthusiasm with all types of coffee drinkers, from black coffee aficionados to latte lovers. Every month they have a special of the month coffee, so you can try different coffees from different coffee producing countries. And, if you're really into coffee brewed on the Aeropress, then you're in really good hands! Edward was the 2016 Dutch Aeropress Champion and ranked forth in the world's final.

    On this street, around this cafe, you can also find some clothing boutique shops, a few small restaurants and a biological food supermarket.

    Before we get going, I'll briefly explain how VoiceMap works.

    It uses your location to play audio automatically, at the right time and place. This means that you can put your phone away now. Don't worry if I'm silent for a while, when I'm not giving directions or telling stories. There's a map on your screen if you ever feel lost, and if you do get way off track without noticing, VoiceMap will let you know.

    If you like, you can pause the tour and pop in to Trakteren to get your coffee fix before we continue with the tour.

    When you're ready, just come back out and resume by pressing play.


    So let's get going!

    With Trakteren on your right and the road on your left, start cycling up Jan Pieter-Heijestraat, crossing the bridge ahead. You'll hear from me again about four blocks away, before we reach Kinkerstraat.

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