Robin McAdoo & Heidi Sarna

When Robin moved to Singapore several years ago, cycling was a way to explore their new home without a car and a great way to interact with the local culture. At first, trying to navigate the PCNs (Park Connector Network) was frustrating because it was easier to ride on the roads and not deal with abrupt endings with no clear direction to continue. But that wasn’t an option when trying to encourage two teenage daughters to ride along. Robin needed to find safe and interesting routes to bring her family if they were going to get out on bicycles together. Thus, the work began, mapping out routes with incentives along the way to encourage the family to join her.

Heidi moved to Singapore from New York City with her husband and twin sons back in 2006. An innately curious person, she began exploring from the get-go, signing up for heritage tours and walking and bike riding around Singapore’s back roads and side streets, a curious bird looking to peel the onion. She knew there had to be more to Singapore than shopping malls and high-rise towers, and indeed, there certainly is.

As part of a series of “Secret” books published by Jonglez Publishing, Heidi's new book "Secret Singapore" features 125 little-known, hidden or forgotten places and things in Singapore. Often with Robin along for the ride, leading the way with her uncanny ability to map routes and get the two of them where they needed to go. Robin’s mapping genius and Heidi’s secret-gathering, combined with their love of cycling, was a great idea waiting to happen.

And so Bike-a-Local & Secret Pedals was born.

Peddle past breweries, barracks and beaches on this laid-back bike ride

Cycling Tour

120 mins