Kevin Rose

Hello everyone! To describe me, well it's a somewhat simple process, I am a history nut! Growing up in the shadow of the oldest city in the country, St. Augustine, Florida, has ingrained a passion for history in my soul. The lives of those who shaped the future hold a fascination for me.
I was born in Winchester, Tennessee and moved with my family to East Palatka, Florida as a young boy. Here, being around historic locations is just part of life. From playing on the grounds of the oldest stone fortress in the US, to fishing in the shadow of an ancient Spanish stone outpost, people here are spoiled with our exposure to history.
My father introduced me to the business of history in St. Augustine some time ago. This led to my wife and I creating our own tour company, Spyglass Travel. We turned our passion into our careers. My wife Angie is as passionate about history as me.
History contains all the lessons we could ever need to deal with issues of today. Know your history and you can handle anything! Thank you for sharing my passion with me.

Find out how one man’s vision forever transformed Florida's future

Walking Tour

45 mins