Daniel Lock

Reconnecting people with their natural and cultural heritage through creative, authentic interpretation. Working with both natural heritage and cultural heritage locations, I create and develop original, innovative interpretation concepts which bring that heritage to life. The unique interpretation style which I have developed is a modern expression of the traditional concept of ‘Anima Loci’ or ‘Spirit of Place’; the idea that places and landscapes have their own distinctive atmosphere, character or essence. The physical features, the history, the ecology, the story of a place, all of these combine to make up that special character, which our ancestors would have understood in terms of the spirit or soul of a place. My approach is to tap into this more mythic way of thinking, to convey the wider scope of a location’s character, with the interpretation designed to be a mouthpiece giving the landscape its own voice, letting it tell its own story. Far from simply giving information about a site, this approach appeals directly to the imagination and genuinely engages the visitor in a more meaningful interaction with the landscape. Through a range of creative mediums including original poetry, narrative storytelling, audio technology and sculpture produced by the best artists, I want to reconnect people with place in an authentic way and ultimately to give visitors a more vivid experience of their cultural and natural heritage.

Dig deep into the absorbing history of this Welsh mining community

Walking Tour

60 mins