Cape Town audio tour: Bo-Kaap: The Village in the City

Bo-Kaap: The Village in the City

Walking Tour

40 mins

About the Tour

Shereen Habib has been a tour guide in the Bo-Kaap for over twenty years, and her family has lived here for almost a century. She’ll take you on a deeply personal loop through the historical heart of this area. Rather than painting a picture of cobblestones, carnivals and colourful houses, she’ll take you right into the very core of the place, and help you understand why the village in the city is so close to the hearts of thousands of people across the world.

Tour Producer


Shereen Habib

Shereen has been a tour guide in the Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, for over 20 years, since just before the end of Apartheid. Her family has lived in the area for the better part of the last two centuries. She is interested in the history of a place as told by it's people, and she believes that the history of Cape Town needs some serious re-writing. She's made a good start.

Major Landmarks

  • Iziko Bo Kaap Museum

  • Auwal Mosque

  • Tana Baru Cemetery

Directions to Starting Point

71 Wale Street - the Bo-Kaap museum. It's a bit of a far walk from the Cape Town Train Station, but there are MyCiti bus stops nearby.

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Places to stop along the way

Bo-Kaap museum, Oldest Mosque, Tana Baru Cemetery, Bo-Kaap Kombuis

Best time of day

One of the locations on this tour, Tana Baru, is only open on Saturdays and Sundays between 10am and 2pm. To reach it in time, you'll need to start the tour before 1:30pm, but like many neighbourhoods at the edge of a city centre, Bo-Kaap is safest during daylight. People stop in at the neighbourhood's many mosques between 12pm and 2pm, and you'll get a better sense of the role Islam plays in people's lives here.


If you're a woman, bring a headscarf and be sure to dress appropriately if you'd like to enter holy spaces. Make sure your chest, shoulders and legs are covered up. Avoid the area after dark, and it's always safer to walk with a friend or group.


Good work

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 2 years ago


Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 2 years ago

I enjoyed it more than the free walking tour. Good work!

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , almost 3 years ago

This tour was fabulous!

Posted by Melissa , over 3 years ago


Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 2 years ago

Great tour! Enjoyed it!

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , about 4 years ago

Oh, ok. I found the bio when I hit on the picture. Never mind.

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 4 years ago

Nice tour

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 2 years ago

This is a great product. The guide's knowledge on the neighborhood and humorous style make it even better. Why don't you include a brief written biography/background about the guide so we know more about the person guiding us. Thanks

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 4 years ago

Village in the City is an updated version of Bo-Kaap Walking Tour. It was already our most popular walk in Cape Town (and my personal favourite), but it's even better now, with clearer directions and some authentic, atmospheric sound design.

Posted by Iain Manley , over 5 years ago
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Bo-Kaap: The Village in the City