Freedom Line Tours (FLT)

Freedom Line Tours (FLT) is a trusted provider of Cultural Heritage Tours and traveler experiences in the United States. FLT invites visitors to our adaptation of our Signature Super City Birmingham (TM) Hop On/ Hop Off tour series. FLT team of storytellers are passionate about helping you discover the untold stories and historic contributions of Black and Brown people in America. Our tour guide is Antonia who is a world traveler and recounts the contributions people of color made for the American Dream to be achieved for all people while cross referencing the ties to major historic landmarks, sites and museums.
This city tour guides visitors to over 11 attractions throughout the Metro Area. There are many cross references to further your knowledge of individuals and major events that took place in or around a location. Take this tour in person, in the comfort of your vehicle at your own pace or virtually through the lens of our guide who once was a visitor whom fell in love with the history, the people, and the food. This is a family friendly tour package for all ages. This city-wide tour is for those who have several hours to explore Birmingham Alabama affectionally known as the “Magic City”.

Hit the road with an insider’s guide to Birmingham’s best-loved districts
ByFreedom Line Tours (FLT), 06 Aug 2021

Driving Tour

120 mins