York audio tour: Europe’s Most Haunted City: A Walk with the Ghosts of York

Europe’s Most Haunted City: A Walk with the Ghosts of York

Walking Tour

60 mins

About the Tour

Track down the ghosts who inhabit York on this walk through the historic centre of Europe’s most haunted city. You’ll meet Queen Anne Boleyn before her beheading and the Earl of Northumberland in search of his severed head. You'll pass by a pub with seven active spirits and a house crammed full with 14 ghosts. And that’s only the beginning!

We’ll meet ghosts from the last 2,000 years: some are re-enacting tragic scenes from their past and others are trying to contact the living. There are ghosts, friendly spirits who just can’t bear to leave, disruptive poltergeists, and dark phantoms with sinister motives. There are ghosts of ordinary folk, royalty and children. There are, in short, spirits of every type in this most beautiful and historical city, and while you can go looking for them at any time, you might have more luck finding them if you do this walk when it’s spookiest: after dark.

Tour Producer


James Easton

A York resident, passionate about the history and present of this extraordinary city.

Major Landmarks

  • The Minster

  • The Shambles

  • many more hidden corners!

Directions to Starting Point

You need to be in the City centre, at the junction of Stonegate and High Petergate, with the cathedral of York Minster behind you and looking down Stonegate towards the sign for Ye Olde Starre Inn which crosses over Stonegate.

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Places to stop along the way

This walk takes you through the centre of the City, so it is crammed with all the main tourist sites - meaning you can just pause the tour and explore them at your leisure. There are also many pubs and cafes along the way - and some of them feature in the tour as haunted locations, so you can get a drink and a bite to eat rubbing shoulders with other guests from the afterlife.

Best time of day

Can be done anytime - but spookier after dark!


York is generally a pretty safe city, so nothing beyond the normal precautions is required. There are some roads to cross so please be careful doing that - other than that - just watch out for ghosts!


Fantastic! Thank you so much for this, it was really excellent, I enjoyed every step. Very well done, so interesting and takes round all of the wonderful highlights of our city.

I happen to work in one of the locations mentioned on here and feel quite attached to the little girl that haunts the building.

Thank you again James, I can't wait to do your other tours!

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , 11 months ago

So glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback it's really appreciated!

Posted by James , 11 months ago
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Europe’s Most Haunted City: A Walk with the Ghosts of York