Windsor, Berkshire audio tour: The House of Windsor: 1,000 Years of Royal History

The House of Windsor: 1,000 Years of Royal History

Walking Tour

75 mins

About the Tour

Take in the history of Windsor Castle on a walking tour across the River Thames, from Windsor to Eton.

When William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066 and defeated King Harold at the Battle of Hastings, one of the first things he did was build a castle in Windsor to defend London from attack from the west. Every monarch since William has used Windsor Castle as their home, which makes this the longest continuously inhabited castle in the world. The castle was enlarged and improved by successive monarchs, resulting in the imposing building that you see today.

The towns of Windsor and Eton grew up around the castle, and this leisurely walk takes in several iconic sights, as well as a number of hidden gems.

Amongst the things you’ll see along the way are:

• A house that leans so much it’s a wonder it doesn’t fall down
• The place where both Prince Charles and Sir Elton John got married
• Windsor’s most elegant street, and the shortest street in Great Britain
• The ceremonial route into Windsor Castle
• The house where King Charles II entertained his mistress
• The school that has produced 20 of this country’s Prime Ministers

You’ll also hear stories about:

• The pub where the landlord minted his own currency
• Frightened cattle in Windsor Great Park
• Swans on the River Thames that are owned by the monarch
• Nell Gwynn, who hung her eldest son out of an upstairs window
• The oldest profession in the world which was once Windsor’s main industry
• The unluckiest person to visit the Theatre Royal

Join me on this walk and soak up the unique atmosphere of Windsor and Eton.

Tour Producer


Ian Grover

I’m Ian Grover, a licensed London tour guide. For the past ten years it’s been my pleasure to guide visitors around this great city, to show its iconic sights and its hidden gems, and to let people in on the stories, the scandals and the gossip that over the centuries have helped shape the London we know today.

Major Landmarks

  • Windsor Castle

  • Guildhall

  • The Long Walk

  • Theatre Royal

  • Windsor Bridge

  • Eton College

Directions to Starting Point

The tour begins outside the entrance to Windsor Royal Station which is just off Thames Street. You will see a Victorian arch with a clock above and a sign showing Windsor Royal Shopping.

Stand in front of the black bollards with your back to the arch. Ahead of you you'll see the walls of Windsor Castle. To your right will be Wagamama.

Windsor can be reached easily from London. It is a 40 minute journey from London's Paddington Station and this will take you directly to the station.

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Places to stop along the way

Windsor Castle is the obvious place to visit on this walk. If you choose do do this then make sure you buy your timed tickets on the Windsor Castle website beforehand. I recommend that you allow at least 90 minutes for this visit.

Windsor is full of places to eat and drink. My favourite for coffee and cakes is Clairmonts on Windsor High Street. If you get hungry and fancy a spot of lunch then the Bel and the Dragon is a great place to visit. I'll point out both of these during the walk.

Best time of day

Any day of the year is good for this tour. If you want to combine the tour with viewing the Changing of the Guard in Windsor then morning will be the best time.


Windsor and Eton are generally very safe towns to walk around. During the height of the tourist season Windsor can get very busy but never enough for it to feel overcrowded.

Weather in this country is always something to consider so do check the weather forecast before you set off. At certain times of the year be prepared to experience four seasons in one day.


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The House of Windsor: 1,000 Years of Royal History