LitCrawl 2015

    17 Jan 2016
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    LitCrawl 2015

    R. Hi I’m Ralph...
    J. I’m Joel. We're From Binge Culture. Welcome to the LitCrawl audio tour.
    R: LitCrawl is the festival of art, literature and the spoken word. It happens each year over just one night, with a range of different literary events in shops, bars, and cafes around Wellington.
    J: What we’re going to do in this tour is give you an inside introduction to LitCrawl.
    R: We’ll visit some of the venues, get a feeling for the festival, and hear some of the performances.
    J: But take a seat first, so we can tell you a little more about today's walk.
    R. So you can probably look around and see the same things we can see: the big metal tripod and people sitting on the chairs around you, maybe eating their lunch and the buses going past.
    J. You won’t see us though..
    R. No. But we’re here.
    J. Sort of.
    R. We wanted to go with you on the tour but we couldn’t’t find a very long extension cord for our microphone, so what we did instead is we found this programme called Google Maps...
    J. And the thing about Google Maps is that you can go onto a thing called Streetview which basically like being there.
    R. It is, we’re pretty much there.
    J. If I was to guess which person you were on Streetview, I would say you are the woman with the red hair and the black pants and the grey cardigan...
    R. Or maybe you’re the man sitting on the bench by the leg of the tripod who might be drinking a beer, dressed all in black. It's kind of hard to tell. We can’t see anyone’s faces. They’re blurred out.
    J. Before we go, let’s hear from Claire Mabey and Andrew Laking, the directors of the festival. They started it in 2014, and its fast becoming an institution here in Wellington.
    R. We had a bit of chat with them and asked what the premise of litcrawl is, what the big idea behind it [is].
    J. Here’s Claire and Andy.
    A Yeah, it’s a um, it’s a literature festival, it focuses on spoken word. Has about 75 writers
    C Yeah there's, um, I guess the whole foundation of it is that it happens over a short period of time, over three hours and one night, in fifteen different venues that are quite close together in the Wellington CBD, and every session is quite different with lots of kind of ideas explored around what is writing and what can writers do.
    J. So that’s basically the gist of litcrawl. What we’re going to do now is use the magic of google maps, which is by nature stuck in the past, to take us back in time to the night of Litcrawl 2015.
    R: So close your eyes… and when you open them… imagine that it’s LitCrawl night.
    J: Ralph and I have gone through the program and we’ve picked out some of the events that we want to take you to.
    R: Let’s get a move on, because they fill up pretty fast and we want to get a good spot. So let’s go on our own exclusive LitCrawl adventure.
    J: Grab your device and chuck it in your pocket, we’ll tell you where to go, so you should be fine. If you ever do get stuck or lost, you can always pull out your phone or whatever, have a look at the app, and it’ll have a little route on it and show you where the next stop is. You can always do that as a last resort, but we’re going to try and guide you pretty carefully. So grab your stuff now, and head off down Courtenay place towards paramount.
    R. Google maps is taking us down the road with the cars, but for you it’s probably best to walk along the footpath I think. And as we walk together let’s hear Andy tell us just a little bit more about how the festival works.
    A It’s kind of structured a little bit in the way that you’d find a music festival, in that there’s, if you can imagine a music festival has stages, this has multiple events all happening simultaneously in different venues, so you’re presented with a map and a choice of one of five events every hour or so that you can go and see, and you’ve got to choose between events, make up your mind. And they’re all pretty cool events it’s quite a hard choice to make.
    C And the venues are quite small so its not guaranteed that you’ll get in, they’re not ticketed. So if you can’t get into your first choice, you can always go to your second or your third.
    R: So we’d better hurry to paramount if we want to catch our first event, RAD talks.

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