• LOCATION 16 | Stories and Secrets of Viterbo

    San Lorenzo Bridge

    You're going to cross the bridge. But before you do, stop to have a look over the left side.


    You can see one of the public wash houses below. These were used for centuries by the women of Viterbo. Can you imagine carrying loads of wet laundry up those stairs ? This wash basin was fed by the fountain in Piazza della Morte. The town had to fork out 120 scudi to fix the fountain’s precious hydraulic system, when it was damaged in 1777. This was a substantial amount at the time.

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    Now make your way to the middle of the bridge and stop there for a moment.


    The building across the bridge to your right is Palazzo Farnese. Its the one with the magnificent Gothic bifore windows.

    The Palazzo was once home to “La Bella” Giulia Farnese, lover of Pope Alexander IV Borgia. This huge building complex used to be the “Ospedale Vecchio”, the old hospital of the city of Viterbo. But it has been unused since the 1990's.

    When you're ready, continue over the bridge and keep going towards the piazza ahead.

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