• LOCATION 8 | Stories and Secrets of Viterbo

    City Hall Courtyard

    Make your way over to the arches of the City Hall.

    We're going to have a peek inside, but before you do, turn around to have a look at another building in the piazza.


    The building in the far left corner is the Church of S. Angelo in Spatha.

    Can you see the white sarcophagus set in the facade, next to the steps?

    Its the copy of an original conserved in the Civic Museum and is related to Bella Galiana, the legendary local beauty. A Roman baron fell in love with her but she refused him. He asked to see her one last time.

    When they met, he declared "If I cannot have you, no one will" and shot her with an arrow from his crossbow as she stood on the city walls.


    Now turn back around to the City Hall.

    Make your way through the arches and into the courtyard.


    Here you'll find Etruscan sarcophagi, many papal arms, an airy loggia on the first floor, and a bubbling fountain with lions dating from 1624. The lion, is a common symbol in Viterbo. You'll find statues of them decorating the corner buildings in the piazza.
    The upper levels of the city hall building contain the main reception rooms. These include the mayor's offices, council chambers and a hall where civil marriages are celebrated. If you have time, I recommend coming back to see the beautifully frescoed halls.

    Have a look out over the gardens.

    You can see to the furthest part of the city and surrounding city walls.

    Feel free to spend some time in the courtyard and the piazza. But let me first tell you where to go next.

    With your back to the City Hall building, you're going to head down the street that branches off the far right corner of the piazza.

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