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  • LOCATION 29 | The Vienna Food Walk

    Würstelstand Hoher Markt - Fourth Food Stop

    Stop here for a moment by the sausage stand.

    I hope you are still hungry because here you have to try a Käsekrainer. This type of sausage contains pork, beef and cheese. It has a crust and it is in the opinion of the Viennese people the pinnacle of sausage recipes.

    This is, in my opinion, the best sausage stand that we have in Vienna. At 4am on Saturdays and Sundays, you get a really long line here, because that's when the bars in the Bermuda triangle close. This stand is then the last place to get food and the last place to get alcohol.

    So feel free to try a Käsekrainer. You can leave the tour open if you don't plan on staying long. But if you decide to hang around longer, you can end the tour, then just choose Resume when you're ready to start.

    Otherwise, if sausage is the furthest thing from your mind, let's keep moving.

    Turn to face the street you just came from. You're going to turn left into Tuchlauben and walk along it. You're heading to our dessert stop. I'll meet you further along Tuchlauben.

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