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    Vulcanothek - Second Food Stop

    The Vulcanothek is a posh version of a "Heuriger". If you want to have your second appetizer and a good glass of wine and it is open please go in. Otherwise stop here while I tell you about it.


    "Heurigen" is the Austrian word for this years wine, the new wine. But it is also the name for places where winemakers can sell their own wine and cold food without having a restaurant license. These places are inexpensive and they don't have the stiffness that often can be felt in the city. Therefore they are a favourite with locals for an easy night out.

    Please order a Vulcano Ham Plate and a glass of Welschriesling.

    First the wine: Welschriesling literally translates to Riesling from Wales, but that is a total misnomer. It is not a Riesling and it is an Italian grape. The region where everything in here is from is called Süd-Steiermark - Southern Styria. It is an old volcanic region with no active volcanos anymore, but a lot of spas and very good soil. Unfortunately, it rains a lot, so Welschriesling is a wine that can cope with that. It is borderline sour but really works well with the ham.

    The ham is made by a cooperative of farmers that do everything from raising the pigs to the final product. They are using the same method as the Italians with Proscuitto, but we are using a lot less salt.

    So enjoy the wine and the appetizer.

    Remember, you can end the tour now if you want to spend some time here. When you're done, Just come back to this spot and start the tour by choosing Resume.

    Otherwise, if you prefer to keep moving now, then exit the arcade back onto Freyung. Cross the street and turn right.

    You're heading to the corner near the Box Clock I pointed out earlier. If you're unsure, just take a look at the map on your screen. I'll meet you at that corner.

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