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  • LOCATION 30 | The Vienna Food Walk


    Continue straight.

    Ahead on the right is Eissalon Tuchlauben, the ice-cream parlour I mentioned earlier. You'll spot its gold and orange sign. If it's open, feel free to pop in. They make a gelato type ice cream, which means a very fatty milk and a lot of sugar has been used.

    Which brings us to dessert. We're now on our way to a Viennese coffee house. The coffee house in Vienna is the extended living room for Viennese people. Coffee house waiters are always finely dressed, but they will seem a little bit rude towards you. This is normal as the waiters are more like British butlers. They don't want to overstep their bounds. They will become friendly and talkative as soon as you become a regular, which takes about 10 years. The coffee house you're heading to now is called Cafe Korb, which translates to coffee basket.

    Keep going. It's just ahead at the corner.

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