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  • LOCATION 6 | The Vienna Food Walk

    Trzesniewski - First Food Stop

    Stop here in front of Trzesniewski on your left and please go inside.

    If it happens to be closed, or you prefer not to enter, then stay here outside while I tell you more.


    Inside, you will see a long bar, where all their sandwiches are on display. To have a good experience, order yourself 3 sandwiches per person and a "Pfiff" of beer.

    Everything you order is very tiny. This is because Treszniewski opened up in 1902 as a standard Polish sandwich shop. Of course at that point in time that part of Poland was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Then the First World War happened and suddenly during wartime people didn't have any money. Treszniewski came up with the ingenious idea that if he sells less, he can charge less. So he cut down the bread to this tiny size. He also invented the beer size "Pfiff", which translates to whistle for the same reason. The Viennese people fell in love with those tiny breads and so Treszniewski thrived.

    Nowadays those breads are snacks that people eat whenever they are in need of a quick bite and they are a necessity for office parties. No Viennese office party is complete without those breads on the table. The spreads are made fresh every day, as they will only keep for about 2 days. There are 12 shops around the city, but you are right now in the original one.

    So feel free to enjoy if you're feeling peckish. If you plan on spending a long time here, you can close off the tour, to save battery. When you're ready to continue, just come back to the entrance and start the tour again by choosing "Resume".

    If you prefer to keep moving now, make your back onto Graben and turn right to continue walking along it.

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