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    Stop here for a moment in Stephansplatz.

    This is the central square of the city. The enormous cathedral in front of you is St. Stephens, and it's Austria's largest church. The original church on this square was a Roman church that was built in 1137. Throughout the city's medieval history, the church has been changed and rebuilt. The main hall of the church was finished in 1304. The high south tower was added in 1433 and the unfinished north tower, which is on the other side, was added in 1511. There are a lot of stories to be told about that church and if you are still up for it at the end of the food walk, I am going to tell you one.

    Let's keep moving.

    Turn so the cathedral is on your right. Make your way along the street ahead of you, Goldschmidgasse. It's to the right of the curved glass building.

    Another interesting church on this square is underground. Its called Virgilkapelle - Virgil chapel. It can be reached via the subway station. It is a medieval church that we don't fully understand. It's a Catholic church with crosses inside of circles on the walls. It looks Celtic but is still Catholic. It takes about 20 minutes going through the church, also with an audio guide and I recommend coming back to view it if you have time.

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