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    Turn right here into this narrow street called Naglergasse and keep going.

    Naglergasse translates to nailers alley. This street was the part of the city, where all the smiths worked, hence the name. The people that lived and worked in this street were not of noble birth, so they had to work for a living.

    The aristocracy changed their houses quite often, so most of the buildings that you have seen so far are not truly old. Whenever the emperor felt like changing the look of the city, the aristocracy had to follow suit in order to stay in favour with the empire. The last time that happened was around 150 years ago when Emperor Joseph tore down the city wall and built the ring street that now surrounds the first district. So most of the buildings we have seen up until now are about 150 years old. Not so on Naglergasse. The buildings on the left side are truly old buildings. They all have been built at the beginning of the 12th century.

    This street is the second oldest thing that has been built in Vienna. After the Romans drained the land they built a camp for their soldiers and for that they built a fortification mound. Naglergasse is that fortification mound. In the middle of the street, if you look down to Haarhof, you can see that it slopes down. This slope is artificial. So the Romans really changed landscapes here.

    Continue now down Naglergasse towards Freyung. I'll catch up with you further ahead.

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