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  • LOCATION 13 | The Vienna Food Walk

    Left on Tuchlauben

    Turn left here onto Tuchlauben and keep going.

    Tuchlauben literally translates to cloth orchard and this street used to have all the cloth manufacturers in medieval time. Of course, cloth making is no longer done in Europe, but this street is still known by every Viennese person because some people say that the best ice cream parlour is found here. It's called Eissalon Tuchlauben and it's further back the other way. We'll pass by it later on the tour so I'll point it out then. Vienna has a lot of special ice cream places and my favourite ice cream shop is Tichy, which is in the 10th district, so rather far from here.

    There is another strange thing about ice cream parlours here. If those venues only have an ice cream parlour licence they are only allowed to be open from the 1st of April to the 30th of September, because in Winter it is too cold for ice cream. Which is totally strange because at supermarkets you can buy ice cream all year round, just not the good ice cream parlour stuff.

    Continue along Tuchlauben.

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