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  • LOCATION 18 | The Vienna Food Walk

    Left on Am Hof

    Turn left here onto Am Hof and keep going.

    I hope you enjoyed the wine because, in general, you cannot go wrong with Austrian wine. We have the strictest wine law in the world. That's because we had a big wine scandal in the 1980s. Up until that time Austria was very well known for being a mass producer of sweet wines, but we were found out for cheating. Winemakers used glycol, an antifreeze, to sweeten the wine. This changed the wine law and now a winemaker can only make a certain amount of bottles per hectare. If more is made, the wine is not allowed to be sold. So winemakers focussing on quality thrived and now Austrian wine is of a rather high quality. But it's not so easy to find Austrian wine outside of Austria. So try as much as you can here!

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