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    Make your way over to the large concrete block in the middle of Judenplatz.

    Judenplatz was the centre of Jewish life in Vienna until World War 2. Now it is a memorial square. The concrete block is a holocaust memorial. The sides represent books, with the opposite end from the spine facing out. This would be the amount of books that you would need to write down all the names of those killed during the holocaust. I personally was not born yet when the holocaust happened, but as an Austrian, I have a responsibility that such a thing should never happen again. Also on the square is the Jewish Museum of Vienna and a statue of Gottfried Ephraim Lessing - a very famous German Jewish author.

    Feel free to spend some time here in the square. But let me first show you where to go next.

    With the memorial on your left, you're going to make your way to the far left corner of the square and head down the street called Jordangasse. It's just to the left of Bieradies. I'll meet you there.

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