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    Right now you're walking on the oldest thing that was built in Vienna.

    Vienna was founded in around 60 BC as a tiny fishing village called "Vindobona". When the Romans came here, they found a swamp. The river Danube is rather close, so all the land was wetlands. In order to build something in a swamp, you need to get the water out. One way of doing that is digging a trench and that's what we are walking on right now - the drainage trench that the Romans dug. And this is why our most glamorous and most expensive and oldest street is called "Graben", which very unglamorously translates to trench.

    We are now nearing our first food stop. This stop is an improvised stop, as Viennese cuisine is not that good at providing appetizers. So we're going somewhere to get something that resembles an appetizer. We are visiting Vienna's oldest snack bar. It's called "Tresznievski" and you'll be able to see a large black and white sign saying "Tresznievski Buffet" ahead on your right. What we are going to get are open-faced spread sandwiches, with a little twist and a little history lesson. We'll be turning off Graben shortly. I'll let you know when to turn.

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